My View of the World...

Photography by Elizabeth Moore

The American Bison

Family Portrait
North American Elk

Black Bear Cub

Winter at Giant Springs State Park

Wishes in the Wind
American Goldfinch

Mr. Attitude
Yellow-headed Blackbird

My name is Elizabeth Moore.
In September, of 2005 my husband, David, and I moved to Central Montana from Central Texas.  Since that time, I have spent a large percentage of my time behind the camera.
My passion has blossomed into a full-on obsession...have camera, will travel.  In addition to wildlife and scenic photography, I have taken on several commercial photography and graphic design ventures, including the Farmers Union Arrowpeak Camp brochures, posters, and trade show needs.

My photos have appeared frequently in travel guides and magazines, and Advanced Litho Printing uses them each year for their calendars.
If you should see something on my site that you would like to have, please contact me at or visit my Facebook page.  I am happy to quote many sizes and forms of print, including canvas, metal, and wood.  I prefer to work on a one-on-one basis with my clients, so that I'm sure the quality will be the best available and that you will have a beautiful addition to your collection.